Food Bell Portal
About Us
About Us

We're hungry for the best things in life: delicious food, exploring the city and bringing the first bite of food to our customers. Food Bell Portal is a multi-national, fast-growing business that maintains its appeal as a localised service with community ambition.

How it works:
  • ✓ Customers enter a delivery address via the app or website and select a restaurant nearby.
  • ✓ Restaurant accepts the order through the tablet we provide, and starts preparing the food for a specific pick up time.
  • ✓ Our rider arrives at the right time to collect and delivers the order within 30min after the order was placed.
  • ✓ Food Bell Portal sends you the proceeds from your orders every month and provides detailed insights on your performance.
Contact Us

To get the quickest response in case you need to:

  • Modify your order
  • General inquiries
  • You may contact us through our live chat.